welcome to the website of
Z. Cliffe Schreuders

I am a computer security researcher, software engineer, and free culture advocate. All the software and music available here is free as in freedom. I welcome donations.

From here you may be interested in looking at:

My academic contributions and research.

SecGen, create randomly generated hacking challenge VMs.

SortTV, a script for sorting your media files. Automatically sorts and renames episodes for your home theatre PC (HTPC). Lots of features. A number of people have contributed code (thanks).

FBAC-LSM, an experimental security enhancement for Linux, which protects you from your own programs. Usability is a primary goal.

Open educational resources for learning computer security and ethical hacking.

My YouTube Channel. With various videos and presentations.

Music I have made.

I can be contacted via email: z.cliffe at schreuders.org